Thursday, January 23, 2014

what's going on in first grade

I raised over $400 running the Race for Education with my school.  I get to spend ALL of that money on stuff for my classroom.  Whatever I want, whatever will make my life at school easier for me.  I spent a big chunk on little MP3 players for my listening center, but I have been able to buy some other things, as well.  Like this impulse buy from Target.

It's like a giant pocket chart/dry erase sleeve/picture frame hybrid.  Of course, I had to buy two.

What in the world am I going to do with two of these?  Well...  this is now hanging on my classroom door.

It's now an easy way for me to communicate with EVERYONE in the school what is going on in our room.  The first window displays the unit we are studying for the month.  The next one lists our monthly essential questions, followed by this month's calendar.  In the bottom window, I have our monthly Bible memory verses.

Super easy--I print them (and I laminated all of them but the calendar to reuse next year) and slide them in.  And I still have another set of these fabulous pockets to use in my room somewhere!

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