Friday, January 3, 2014

2014, here i come!

It seems like yesterday that I was celebrating the arrival of 2013--looking ahead, making resolutions and getting grumpy about the end of the holidays.  It's hard to believe that it is already 2014!  I'm so sad to see the end of all of the family visits and time off with Mark, but I'm excited to get back to school and see my kiddos.

I blogged last year about my New Year's Resolutions, and I always like to revisit those and reflect on how I did.  My resolutions last year were:

1. Drink more water.
2. Finish organizing the house!
3. Stop saving drafts for the blog to "add pictures to later," and just click publish.
4. Tone my arms.
5. Keep my desk at school tidy.
6. Go to bed earlier than 11:30 on school nights.

And how did I do?
1. I drink more water!  I do...  but not nearly enough.  Especially since I started running.  One water bottle (about 16 oz.) is NOT enough while I'm at school.
2. Over the summer, I was doing fantastic.  I was motivated, I was getting stuff done... and then school started.  Major fail now.  Before the cookie party, it was a scramble to clean--and now there is stuff stashed and stuffed and put all over the house.  It is driving me up a wall!
3. Ummm...  yeah.  Fail.
4. This one did not get out of January.  Ugh.  BUT--I did start running in March, and am now slightly obsessed.  That has to count for something, right?  And I've got a chin up bar now.  It's still in the box, but I have it.
5. I'm doing a decent job at this.  I still have to spend a chunk of time Friday afternoons cleaning it before the weekend, but it's not as bad as it was last year.  But I still don't sit at it...  maybe I should try to get rid of it?
6. I would say two out of five nights I am in bed by 11:30.  This needs to be given more effort.

My resolutions for 2014 are:
1. Keep running!  I want to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February 2015, and in order to do that, I need to keep running and run more!  Perhaps I can add some more 5ks to my resume, or even something a little longer.

These are the fantastic new running shoes (and hot pink socks) I got for Christmas.
2. More maintenance cleaning, less waiting until a deep clean is needed.  Mark and I have a horrible habit of letting our house get to chaos and then spending an entire weekend cleaning.  I would love to spend an hour every night cleaning to maintain a clean house instead of having to create it from scratch all over again.

3. Dedicate more to TpT and this blog.  I have a few things in my shop, and I want to really begin to focus on making more things I have made for my class the best they can be and post them in my shop.  I want to share more on the blog, too.  I've learned so much from other teacher bloggers and home bloggers, I want to really contribute to that blogging world!

This is one of the most recent things I've added to my shop--an editable 2014 calendar!
Considering how last year's resolutions were all only about half done, I'm limited myself to three--and will continue to work on last year's.  Let's see what happens!

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