Friday, November 22, 2013

don't let the turkey drive the bus!

Don't even pretend you've never heard of this book.

Mo Willems' Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus is, quite possibly, my first graders' favorite book.  They adore it.  It's a perfect book for practicing identifying telling, asking and excited sentences and practicing reading those different types of sentences with expression while we study transportation for the month of November.  I think I've heard my first graders and myself read this story almost 100 times this year.  We LOVE this book.

My favorite activity to do with the class, relating this book with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, is writing a class book titled Don't Let the Turkey Drive the Bus!  We start by making a list of reasons why the pigeon isn't supposed to drive the bus--reasons my kiddos gave went from "He's too small because he is a bird!" to "He might crash the bus."  Then, we talk about the turkey.  "His feathers won't fit in the driver's seat." "He's trying to get away from Thanksgiving!" "We want to eat him!"  LOVE IT.

We then talk about how the pigeon tries to persuade the reader to let him drive the bus, and how the turkey might try.  After reviewing the punctuation for different types of sentences, I give each student a writing paper with two speech bubbles on it.  They write a rough draft of what the turkey says, we conference, they write a final copy on the other bubble.  Cut, glue and draw their own turkeys...  we have a fantastic class book!

We display them in our classroom before I bind them up--but we will read the bound book next week to the parents at our Thanksgiving Feast.

I put together the speech bubble print out with some other speech bubble writing papers in my TPT shop--check them out!

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  1. I love this idea. Especially how you break it down and discuss the WHY a pigeon shouldn't drive a bus and how you look at how he tries to persuade. What a great post!
    Curious Firsties