Tuesday, September 17, 2013

a classroom tour, of sorts.

School started, and I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  Just like most teachers, I feel like I didn't have everything prepared as well as I wanted at the very beginning and have been playing catch-up ever since!  My apologies for dropping off the blog for awhile.

This week marks our second full week of school (today was day number 11) and I have already been through Curriculum Night and getting a new student.  Picture Day is this Friday, our first field trip is next Friday and October will be following soon after that!  It is insane how fast this year is going already!

I'll be sharing some actual activities and things from Curriculum Night soon, but until then, how would you like to see what my classroom looks like this year?  It hasn't changed too much since last year, but I'm really excited about the little changes I have made and I'm still loving the room two and a half weeks in.  That is awesome--at this point last year, I had already done some rearranging!

I took most of these pictures before school started because I totally meant to share these over Labor Day Weekend.  That didn't happen.  Some of them are from last week, though--you can see what our room looks like now that it's a little more "lived in."

The view from the back of my room (the doorway in the second pictures leads to the hallway). 

My still slightly unorganized classroom library in the back corner of the room.

The wall when you immediately enter the room.  This wall showcases our Band-Aid Hearts (activity adapted from First Grade Wow), our Clip Hall of Fame, Memory Marathon (Bible Memory Verses) and Word Wall.

Close up of the Word Wall.  You have got to love binder rings and clear 3M hooks.

This is the area surrounding my desk (I didn't take a picture of my desk for some reason.  It runs parallel to the closet doors).  I am in L. O. V. E. with the book shelf I moved behind my desk.  I keep my daily lesson plans in the drawers on the top and my colored clips are there, too.  All of my unit binders live here, as do the chapter books I use for our read alouds throughout the year.

 This is the bulletin board next to my desk.  We read First Grade, Here I Come!, discuss what a "First Grade Picture" looks like (lots of details, takes up the whole page, etc.) and draw self-portraits.  This is one of my favorite things we do in first grade and I'll keep these up until at least Open House.  Check out my fancy-pants clocks and the bit of my desk, too!

I promise that I'll do a better job keeping up with the blog now.  Things at school are starting to calm down and I'm finding my routine again to balance school and home.  My favorite kindergarten teacher has made it her goal for the year to be out of school by 4:30 every day--I think I may strive for that, too!  Says the girl who left school at 5:15 today...

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