Thursday, July 25, 2013

my favorite disney souvenir

A while back, I pinned this pin--using Mr. Potato Head as a whole class behavior incentive.  I LOVED this idea and implemented it in my classroom this past school year, with a few changes.

The idea behind Mr. Potato Head is that when students, as a whole class, are making good choices, they can earn a piece of Mr. Potato Head.  I took this a little bit further--I could not award my students with pieces.  They could only earn them when another adult caught the whole class being great AND told me about it.  For example, the art teacher could tell me that the whole class had a spectacular art period and they could earn a piece to Mr. Potato Head, or the principal could walk past our class during a restroom break and compliment the kiddos on how she was impressed with how quietly they were waiting.  Fill up the Potato Head, the whole class gets a surprise.

Last summer while we were in Disney, Mark took me to the the big toy store in Downtown Disney.  I knew I wanted to have a Potato Head in my classroom this past year, and was super excited to see the Disney exclusive Potato Head pieces they had.  However, while we were in Disney...  I wasn't 100% sure where I would be teaching in the fall, or if I even would have my own classroom, so I talked myself out of buying one while we were there.

I met one of my future first grade families while we were waiting for the Magical Express at the end of that trip, ended up with my first grade room and bought a plain old Mr. Potato Head at Target.  My kiddos loved working to fill up Potato Head.  Deep down, though, I was a little heartbroken that I hadn't bought the Disney one.

Last week, I bought one.  For $20, I was able to fill up a box with Potato Head parts.  Mark helped me back it to its fullest and make sure the lid still closed, and since I already had the original Potato Head...  I got pieces.  LOTS of pieces.  I didn't need to take up space with a potato!

With the addition of all those new, exciting pieces, the box I kept them in last year was just not going to cut it.  With a few simple supplies, I fixed that today.  Now, I have a fantastic platform to display the new and improved Potato Head on and keep all those extra pieces in.

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