Tuesday, July 23, 2013

grand summer plans--making a list and checking it twice.

Since I have arrived home from Disney, it has hit me pretty hard that summer is at the halfway point... and my big summer plans have not been accomplished!  At all!  I've been working hard at getting our house organized--and with any organizational project, it all got way worse before it could get any better.  I'm still knee deep in most of those projects, and now I'm realizing that I need to get some stuff started for school!

I'm going through my classroom board on Pinterest, and trying to prioritize what I want to complete before school starts. I'm already getting so excited for the new school year--I have caught myself daydreaming about my classroom set up for this school year a few times since we got home!

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First, I need to make a new clip chart.  I loooooove using my clip chart in my classroom.  I could write an entire entry about it someday.  It gets beat up pretty bad throughout the year, and at the end of this year, I gave it to one of my kiddos who helped me tear down the room.  Along with my Clip Hall of Fame and making all of the clips (16 kiddos, times 7 different colors of clips...  I have high expectations for my incoming class!), this is a big project that needs to get going ASAP.

Next, I need to make my new birthday bulletin board.  Last year, I had our Brrr-thday Board (check it out in this post), which I adored.  This year, I'm thinking I want something that takes up a little less space and has another math link with a graph set up.

It is so important to me that each of my students has some responsibility each week in our classroom.  After getting four new students throughout the year last year and having to create four new jobs and inserting them into my Busy Bee job chart...  that hive was a hot mess.  I decided that this year, I'm going to take a pocket approach to my job chart, similar to these.  I love that the one keeps the "busy bees" that I've had since I started teaching.


Last year, my Essential Questions board was thrown together the night/morning before the first tour was coming through our school.  It served its purpose--it clearly displayed what our essential questions for the month were.  This year, I would like to have something that shares that function with the fun and color I like to have in my classroom.  I've been pinning various objective boards for inspiration, and I'm looking forward to creating something fantastic for my room.

I'm also hoping to finish putting together my plan book, revamping our first grade portfolios, adding to my morning meeting wall, (finally) finishing organizing the classroom library, and really implementing the Daily 5 in the room.  Whew!  I'm feeling overwhelmed already.  It's still July... it's still July... it's still July...

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