Friday, June 21, 2013

the first day of summer and a week of projects

It is OFFICIALLY summer.  I am loving that it is after 9:00 and it is still somewhat light outside!  This is great!  I took the entire week off from going in to school this week, and didn't go in at all until this afternoon--and even then, it was just to turn in some paper work in the office and to grab a couple plastic baskets that I decided would be better used at home than at school.  This week was completely dedicated to projects at home, and I'm going to share those with you for this week's Five for Friday.

[1] I started tutoring a little boy in reading this week.  I'm having such a blast doing that!  He is so excited about reading and working with me during the summer, and I'm trying my hardest to make everything we do more "fun" and not like "school."  So far, we've used my sentence building blocks to play word games and sorting them by color to identify the parts of speech that they are, and then actually building some sentences, writing them down and illustrating them.  This little guy had me cracking up today--he insisted on building the sentence "I can read to my teacher!" and clearly explained to me that this really, really was an excited sentence and not just a telling sentence.

[2] Our Disney trip is getting closer and closer, but not nearly as quickly as I would hope.  I spent a couple hours this week (while watching old episodes of Chuck) creating a paper chain countdown to try to calm my excitement and keep my suitcase empty for a bit longer.  Perhaps with this new found summer free time, I have too much free time (is that even possible?)... I may have spent too much time creating the anchor for the chain, but I did not make it too specific--so I can use it for our next trip, too!  I think like a teacher even for my own personal craziness at home.  I am so super excited about the countdown, though.  As I was putting the chain together, I included some of my to do list items on the chain to add to the excitement.  As we get closer to vacation, things like "Go to Target to buy plane snacks, breakfasts and toiletries!" "Book a dinner reservation!" and "Finish washing all the laundry to pack!" will begin to appear on the chain--and that will make some of the more "chore-like" tasks more fun.  I hope.

[3] I tried my hand at spray painting while Mark was at work this week.  That was a bad idea.  After the first coat, and seeing just how really terrible it looked, I quickly realized that the only time I've ever spray painted anything was for various musical theatre productions--I distinctly remember using silver and black spray paint to transform some plastic freezer mugs into very classy beer steins for the tavern scenes in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.  Those turned out great.  However--real life, you cannot apply the thirty foot rule, so...  Mark will be fixing this for me later.

[4] I am almost done with the downstairs deep clean and organizing!  While I was doing that, Mark was upstairs in our office/guest room/laundry room (what I call "the everything room") working on our desk area.  We may have started this project back in October, but it's getting close to completion now! Here's a teaser--once it is all done and I have organized everything, you better bet your bottom dollar that it will be getting an entire post (or seven!) dedicated to it.

[5] My wonderful little sister, Melinda, was in town all this week and I got to spend the entire day with her yesterday.  We started our day by going to Trader Joe's (Min doesn't have one close by yet, so every time she's in town, we go) and Starbucks, then came home, had lunch and went to the pool.  Once everyone else arrived home from work, we went out shopping at Old Navy and Half Priced Books and enjoyed a late dinner out.  Half Priced Books is an awful place for our family to go--between my mom and I (both teachers of young children), my dad (an avid reader) and Melinda (she EATS books), we could probably spend a small fortune there.  I managed to get out last night with only three new books--two for school, and my summer reading.  I am pumped to read the complete Oz series, over 1,000 pages worth.

Next week, I begin working on things for school.  I think.  I hope.  We'll see.

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