Wednesday, June 12, 2013

hellooooo, summer!

The kiddos finished last Friday, report cards are turned in, and my classroom is cleaned up.  All I have left to do for school is write my welcome letter for next year, turn in my supply list and check out with our operations director tomorrow--but for what it's worth, it's summer time!

Today is the first day I haven't been to school, and I'm taking it easy.  Read some magazines, read a new cookbook, took the dogs out...  and started really thinking about my summer to do list.  I was texting my sister in Buffalo about all of my plans, and oh my stinkin' goodness.  My goal list is a little excessive.

My list includes, but is not limited to:
finish deep cleaning the house, organize our bedroom closet, re-organize and inventory my unit boxes for school, redo my unit binders, finish my desk, organize that desk then, decorate the patio, paint my nightstand, finish some lingering craft projects, practice my cooking skills...

OH MY GOODNESS.  I thought my first summer off since high school would be relaxing.  My "goal list" is apparently never ending.

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