Wednesday, May 8, 2013

my mom is the best!

When I taught kindergarten, we made fairly simple Mother's Day gifts.  We glued crayons together to make a picture frame, smiled for a picture and stuck it inside.  The end.  I thought first grade needed something a little more exciting.

My first graders this year LOVE writing stories and creating books, so I thought... Why not write a book for our first grade moms?  The "We-Already-Have-So-Much-Going-On-Because-It-Is-May" side of me is super pumped about them--it's a gift and a card, all in one, so they are both done.  The more sentimental side of me is loving it because I made the book consist of sentence frames for the kiddos to complete--and they show the funniest snapshot into their relationships with their moms!

They are fairly simple--the first graders finish the sentence, illustrate it and then we'll put them together and wrap them up.  What they write, though, is HILARIOUS.

"My mom always says... don't mess with your little brother!"

"My mom always says... stop playing so many video games!"
"My mom makes me happy when she... let's me play more video games!"

"I love my mom because... she is a good cooker!"

My favorite part has to be the time they have spent sharing their stories with each other.  They have been cracking me up!  They are so excited to take them home and give them away--I'm just hoping that we can keep it under wraps until they get home on Friday!

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