Monday, May 13, 2013

mother's day (continued)

Now that Mother's Day is over, and I am sure that I will not ruin any surprises if any of my kiddos' moms stumble upon my blog--I thought I would share with you a sample of a first grader's My Mom is the Best! book.  I took pictures of this one on Friday because this particular one cracked me up to no end.

My Mom is the Best! by E.G.

This is my mom.  She is the best!  Her name is Mrs. Mommy.

My mom really likes to stay inside and cook.

My mom always says "Don't yell at your brother!!"

My mom makes me happy when she takes me and my brother out to Rita's.

I love my mom because she keeps my brother in control.

I love this book--it's such a great snapshot into how these kiddos view their moms.  The little girl who made this book has a brother who is four.  He's often at school, and just like my friend who made the book, he is very energetic!

If you are interested in using our My Mom is the Best! books in your classroom next year, you can download your own copy in my TPT shop.

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