Monday, May 13, 2013

mother's day (continued)

Now that Mother's Day is over, and I am sure that I will not ruin any surprises if any of my kiddos' moms stumble upon my blog--I thought I would share with you a sample of a first grader's My Mom is the Best! book.  I took pictures of this one on Friday because this particular one cracked me up to no end.

My Mom is the Best! by E.G.

This is my mom.  She is the best!  Her name is Mrs. Mommy.

My mom really likes to stay inside and cook.

My mom always says "Don't yell at your brother!!"

My mom makes me happy when she takes me and my brother out to Rita's.

I love my mom because she keeps my brother in control.

I love this book--it's such a great snapshot into how these kiddos view their moms.  The little girl who made this book has a brother who is four.  He's often at school, and just like my friend who made the book, he is very energetic!

If you are interested in using our My Mom is the Best! books in your classroom next year, you can download your own copy in my TPT shop.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

my mom is the best!

When I taught kindergarten, we made fairly simple Mother's Day gifts.  We glued crayons together to make a picture frame, smiled for a picture and stuck it inside.  The end.  I thought first grade needed something a little more exciting.

My first graders this year LOVE writing stories and creating books, so I thought... Why not write a book for our first grade moms?  The "We-Already-Have-So-Much-Going-On-Because-It-Is-May" side of me is super pumped about them--it's a gift and a card, all in one, so they are both done.  The more sentimental side of me is loving it because I made the book consist of sentence frames for the kiddos to complete--and they show the funniest snapshot into their relationships with their moms!

They are fairly simple--the first graders finish the sentence, illustrate it and then we'll put them together and wrap them up.  What they write, though, is HILARIOUS.

"My mom always says... don't mess with your little brother!"

"My mom always says... stop playing so many video games!"
"My mom makes me happy when she... let's me play more video games!"

"I love my mom because... she is a good cooker!"

My favorite part has to be the time they have spent sharing their stories with each other.  They have been cracking me up!  They are so excited to take them home and give them away--I'm just hoping that we can keep it under wraps until they get home on Friday!

If you are interested in using our My Mom is the Best! books in your classroom, you can download your own copy in my TPT shop.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

so many weddings, so little time!

Wow.  Let's just briefly talk about how long it has been since I have posted something.  In the last few weeks, I have been in Jacksonville, FL (and briefly Baltimore, MD) and every state between here and Clinton, MO.  Two personal days, four flights and 30+ hours in the car, and it's May already!

Let's recap the past few weeks, shall we?

The Three Musketeers--Me, Ashley and Taylor
After staying at school prepping for a sub and getting homework ready for a vacationing first grader until 8 o'clock, taking the pups to my parents' and staying up until almost 1 a.m. packing, Mark and I left home at four in the morning on April 19 to head off to Jacksonville (more specifically, Palm Coast) to see my best friend since kindergarten, Ashley, get hitched.  It was a wonderful weekend, filled with my two best friends, our boys, one of my other families, a beautiful wedding and lots of dancing.  Even though it was crazy busy and we were going pretty much nonstop all weekend, it was so nice to see Ashley and Tay--I honestly can't remember when the last time all three of us were in the same place was.

Check out how gorgeous my best friend is--and that dress!  Simply gorgeous!  Congratulations, Ashley and Eric!!

Despite some not so stellar weather, Mark and I still stopped by the beach briefly.  I never thought I'd be able to wear flannel to a Florida beach.

The clouds were lovely on the flight home--at least, after we got through them.  I do not do take offs well...  and seeing all that white outside the window for a very long time did not make a very happy flyer.

The next weekend, after staying at school until 5:30 getting ready for my next sub, we left home around seven and drove alllllllllll night long with two of our friends to Clinton, MO for Mark's best friend from college's wedding.  Another delightful weekend--a little more relaxing and not as wild, for sure, but still a beautiful wedding.

Mark was the best man, so I spent the weekend pretending to be a groomsmen.  Mark and Matt let me tag along to the bachelor party (my first!  We went bowling, and I didn't do too badly), and I loved getting to see the beautiful bride, Jillian.  Fun Fact:  In college, I tried to set up Matt with my best friend, Taylor.  That obviously didn't work out--instead, Tay was blessed with her handsome groom-to-be, and I was blessed with a new friend in Jillian.
Now, it's back to normal life for awhile.  We are taking our TerraNova Achievement Tests at school this week, so hopefully soon I'll have something more school related to talk about!