Saturday, April 6, 2013

sleeping on the couch is oddly wonderful (five for friday on saturday)

Has anybody else ever noticed that four day weeks after a few days off from school can seem to be the longest, most exhausting weeks?  That was my week this week.  No school this past Monday, but Tuesday-Friday wore me out.  I fell asleep on the couch last night around 9:00...  and despite the pleading from Mr. B, neither one of us got up until seven a.m.  So, this week's Five for Friday had to  wait until Saturday morning.

[1] We had a lovely Easter weekend and most of it centered around food (as usual).  My grandparents took us out to Olive Garden on Thursday, my grandma made a delicious caramel French toast casserole for Mark, Pap Pap, Gram and I on Friday, we had Easter dinner at my grandparents' on Saturday, Easter brunch at Gram's on Sunday and Easter dinner at Mark's parents' Sunday evening.  At the end of it, I felt like I would not have to eat again for at least a week.
[2] We always, always do an Easter egg hunt at my Grandma's and at my Gram's.  We had Grandma's hunt on Saturday afternoon (and the weather was gorgeous!).  My wonderful cousins all had to work Saturday and Sunday, sadly, so our hunt at Gram's was almost canceled.  But after seeing glow-in-the-dark egg hunts all over Pinterest, we decided to give that a try Saturday night.  The eggs were hard to get closed with candy and glow bracelets inside, and it was pretty chilly outside that night, but it was still fun!  It cost about $10 to fill 30 eggs--we bought five packs of clear eggs from Dollar Tree (figured the glow would show through those a bit better), two packs of 15 glow bracelets from the dollar spot at Target and a bag of Mark's favorite fruity candies.
[3] The water is our neighborhood was shut off all day on Monday, so all of my plans for a spring deep clean on my day off had to be canceled.  Instead, I spent five hours shopping for dresses to  wear to the rehearsal dinners coming up, and came up completely empty handed.  I bought a great pair of shoes from Payless about a month ago (the print on them reminds me of my wedding shoes that I wore to death and by combining a sale and a coupon, I got them for $14!) and was trying to find a pink dress to wear with them.

I ended up ordering a dress from Penney's that Mark really likes.  It has pockets, it's pink and I think I like it enough to keep it.

[4] Last night, before I crashed on the couch, I ran Week 4 Day 1 of C25K.  Before I started it, I was so worried I would not be able to do it, but I somehow managed to pull it off!  Mark even tried running with me--we went to the track at the high school near us.  I ran laps (boring...) while he walked and ran the straights.  His legs are bothering him today, but I'm feeling pretty good.

[5] My kiddos took their Friday journals home over Easter break to write me letters in (they usually write a letter home on Fridays, but since our break started on Tuesday and it was the last day of the Mexico unit, we didn't get around to it).  A lot of the kids wrote to me, and I loved hearing about their Easters.  One of my lovelies knew my sister, Melinda, was coming home and decided to write her a letter!


And with that, have a wonderful weekend.  I'm off to do my rescheduled spring cleaning!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

trees, trees, trees.

I am so excited for my next unit at school--trees!  This week, we are starting this unit by creating a "What We Know About Trees" anchor chart, watching the "The Tree Doctor" episode of The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! and starting our tree observation journals.  My first graders are so excited about keeping their tree journals.

One of my essential questions for this unit is "How does the change of seasons effect trees?" and this time of year is perfect to actually observe that in nature.  In our class, we already discussed when the leaves changed in the fall, so we will review that again and really focus on the green leaves coming back in the spring.  We are using our tree journals to record the changes we observe.

My first grade tree observers
We will be observing one of the only trees on our school grounds a couple times a week all month.  Today, my kiddos recorded some basic information about the tree--where it is located, whether it is deciduous or coniferous, about how big they estimate it to be, and how they think it will change.  They also illustrated a picture of what they observed and wrote down their observations. 

This is our tree--pretty gloomy right now.
While I am guiding discussions to point out specific things about our tree, I'm trying to stay out of their actual writings as best as I can.  This is, of course, resulting in some incredible, classic first grade observations.  A few of  my dear little friends wrote that the tree was "naked" (or "nekid") because it didn't have leaves, while some other friends wrote that the tree was "taller than me," "9 feet tall" and "100 million feet tall."  Good thing later this month we will be taking a ruler out with us to get a better idea of how tall it is!

You can download your own tree journals here in my TPT shop.