Tuesday, March 19, 2013

spring cleaning!

I am so sick of snow, winter, and cold.  After having numerous two hour delays for the snow and cold temperatures (and no snow days), I am ready to say good-bye to all of it to welcome in spring and sunshine.

Tomorrow is the first official day of spring.  My kiddos have been keeping track of "Lion Weather" and "Lamb Weather" all month and are, perhaps, more excited for spring and Lamb Weather than I am.  While March is a busy, busy month at my school with our school wide unit study of Mexico, we are still going to do some special spring activities tomorrow.

At home, I'm working on my spring cleaning and organizing (I am even scrubbing down ceiling fans and blinds.  My mom is probably so proud!), so it's only natural (and to be honest, quite necessary) to continue that theme at school.  Tomorrow, my kiddos will be using my Spring Cleaning Checklist to organize their desks while taking an inventory of what they find inside.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

And the best part?  I totally just upgraded my TPT account to a seller's account.  The first thing I have available is a free download of the Spring Cleaning Checklist.  Keep an eye for more exciting things to come (and me actually making my shop look nice!) soon!  Click here to download!

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