Friday, March 22, 2013

friday, friday! (five for friday)

I am so pumped to be linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five for Friday (and actually on Friday, for that matter!).  So here we go--five random things to tell you about my week.

[1] Mark's best friend from college and his fiancée got Mark and I started on the Couch to 5k program.  This week, I finished Week 2...  Mark is taking some time off because he's starting to develop shin splints.  I am loving it.  Or maybe I'm just loving the cute running clothes I have slowly been collecting and pulling out of my storage bins.  Either way, I've been running and not feeling like it is making me die a slow painful death.
[2] This week was the last full week of our All School Unit at school.  Every class has been studying Mexico for the month of March.  My first graders have loved learning about the Mayans and the Aztecs.  Yesterday, one of my classroom parents, who is a chef, made a Mexican feast for the whole school.  There was delicious food, and the parent association arranged for all of the teachers to have lunch together.  It was so much fun to have the opportunity to chat with ALL of the teachers at once during our lunch time.
My favorite kindergarten teacher and me
[3] Tonight, after my run and my shower, I accomplished one of my New Year's plans that I did not blog about (I didn't think it was appropriate to share, but now that I've accomplished it, I'm too excited about it not to...).  I have officially worn every pair of underwear I own once since January 1.  I even managed to weed out a few pairs that I'm over.  But this former Aerie girl may still have too many pairs of underpants.  Oh well.  (And Mom--if you read this, this is NOT an indication that new  undies in my Easter basket would be frowned upon!)
[4] Scooter and Mattie Mae are in terrible need of a hair cut.  They both look about five pounds heavier than they actually are because of the fur on them.  We're waiting until spring really comes (what the what...  4-6 inches of snow coming our way this weekend).
This is Mattie Mae.
[5] Target has my new favorite yoga pants.  I kind of really love going from teacher clothes to pajamas after school...  and yoga pants are perfect.  I may go buy another pair.  Or seven.  But probably just another pair (teacher salary).
So there we go.  I did it!
Extra confession: I'm a nerd.  I've been watching my one TPT freebie product that I have (yeah.  The ONLY one) and got super excited as it approached 100 downloads. 

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