Thursday, March 7, 2013

a dream is a wish your heart makes

This past weekend, Mark and I went to Frederick, MD for his college roommate's fiance's bridal shower.  I was super excited about this--Mark and Matt are best friends, and we had not gotten to meet Jillian until this weekend. 

Jillian and I had started getting to know each other through Facebook chat and discovered we have quite a bit in common.  One of the most significant things we have in common is a love for all things Disney.  Jillian and Matt will be going to Disney World for their honeymoon, and since Mark and I did the same thing (and then went again to celebrate our first anniversary...  and I hope to go again this summer to celebrate year number two), I decided that a Disney photo album would be the perfect shower gift.

Of course...  I decided that a little too late.  Looking online for a 2013 Disney photo album didn't turn up anything that I liked.  So I thought I'd make an album.  Decorate the cover, "Jillian and Matt's Honeymoon, 2013" and call it a day.  But nooooo.  I had such a vision in my head, and couldn't find the exact photo album I needed.

The Cover--I added the words and got the best compliment ever--"Are those stickers?!"
I ended up spending each evening last week after school putting together a Disney Honeymoon Scrapbook.  I found a spectacular scrapbook album at JoAnn's with Mickey on the cover, and combined with Disney scrapbook paper, black polka dotted paper tape and a Mickey punch, I created my new favorite scrapbook.  All Jillian needs to do is take pictures on their trip, get them printed when they come home and tape them in.  Some pages I made really specific ("Replace this paper with a photograph of the newly weds kissing  in front of Cinderella's castle"), and others I made more flexible.

 The first page--how stinkin' cute is that Minnie and Mickey sitting on a park bench sticker?
Jillian loved it, and I had such a good time making it--I might actually try to get around to putting together our honeymoon scrapbook.  I'm thinking first, though, I should probably get a photo book from our wedding put together.
 One of my favorite pages--Top 5 Lists for Matt and Jillian to fill in after the trip.

The last page--I will always encourage anyone to immediately start planning your next trip (especially if it is with me).

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