Tuesday, January 22, 2013

baby, it's cold outside.

The high in Pittsburgh today was only supposed to go up to sixteen degrees (I'm not sure if it ever actually hit that...  it's something like 12 degrees now), and with temperatures like that...  the only thing I really want to do is stay curled up in bed in my pajamas with the blankets up to my nose.  How's a girl supposed to drag herself out of bed and off to school when the temperature is going all the way down to five degrees with a windchill that's even colder? 

This is how I somehow manage to get out of bed and go about my day, despite the cold.

1. Twisted Peppermint Soap from Bath & Body Works
This is my favorite seasonal scent--I love peppermint during the winter.  I stocked up on this during the Black Friday sales and got a few bottles for Christmas, as well.  The shower gel is perfect for a hot shower, the lotion leaves a lovely, light lingering smell and I love using the hand soap every time I wash my hands.
2. Candy Cane Lane Green Tea from Celestial Seasonings
Candy canes and green tea--a wonderful combination.  I love to sip this tea all day when it is cold.  It is naturally decaffeinated, so I do not get jumping and crazy as the day goes on.  I could never say enough good things about this tea--it is hands down, my favorite.  I stumbled upon it last Christmas season, and after the holidays were over, I bought about eight boxes to last me until this year.  This tea is great hot now, and come summer, it's just as good as an iced tea.
3. Flannel Shirts from Old Navy
Flannel shirts are ideal for cold days like today.  I wear them layered under sweaters, over t-shirts, to school, at home and running around town.  I have this exact one from Old Navy (bought it during the after Christmas sales) and I also have a Mossimo Supply Co. flannel and a Merona flannel (both from Target) that I also adore.  Flannel is famous for shrinking, but if you let them hang to dry, you can largely avoid this problem.
4. My Cuppow Sippy Lid by Cuppow
Along with my hot tea, this is an absolute necessity.  I love to drink my tea out of a Mason jar, and this handy lid makes it SO much easier.  All you need to do is replace the lid insert with the sippy lid, and you have your dishwasher safe, inexpensive and easily replaced travel mug.  I'm working on knitting a fancy jar cozy to complete the outfit.
5. Microplush Throw from Target
I purchased a teal throw and two gray queen sized blankets like this on Black Friday, and loved them so much that my cousin got me another throw for Christmas! The one that is on our bed is wonderful--but it makes getting up in the morning just that much more difficult on cold mornings.  I love cuddling up with my throws on the couch in the evenings to grade papers, plan lessons, write for the blog and watch TV.
6. Mossimo Supply Co. Leggings from Target
Leggings under your jeans, pajama pants or dress pants can make even the coldest days almost doable.  I have been wearing these leggings since college, after trying a few different brands and styles.  These ones from Target have a nice, thick waistband that you do not have to worry about slipping down your waist and taking your pants down with them (this was totally a problem with some other pairs I have tried).  They're not too thick and are comfortable under anything.
7. Warm Socks from American Eagle Outfitters
Socks.  I love warm socks.  Ones that go up to your knees, ones that are thick and fuzzy, wool socks, three pairs of silly character socks, you name it.  These socks from American Eagle are soft and cozy and stand up to abuse.  I worked at American Eagle and Aerie to help pay my way through college, and I still have pairs that I bought with my employee discount (they're all 3-6 years old, and in great shape).  My wonderful mother always sticks a pair or two in my stocking at Christmas.
There you have it--how I survive January.  I totally wore my leggings under my dress pants today, with thick, fuzzy socks and my warmest, coziest pair of boots, my thickest, chunkiest sweater, a flannel and a scarf to school today.  I almost wish I would have brought one of my throws to keep at my desk, too.

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