Monday, January 7, 2013

2013... already? wow.

This is how I found Scooter--cuddled up with all my throw blankets.
Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope everyone is having and continues to have a happy and healthy year this year...  I'm doing pretty well in the "happy" category, but "healthy" is another story.  Mr. B and I have been feeling under the weather off and on for the past week--too much holiday cheer, I suppose.  After traveling back and forth, up and down, for the entire Christmas break, we were more than happy to take this past weekend for some downtime.  I think the pups were glad, too.

Although there is more time to relax now than there has been in the past few weeks, this time of year always gives me mixed feelings.  On one hand, I am super pumped for the New Year, starting everything new and getting everything organized again after the holiday crazies, but part of me is incredibly disappointed that Christmas, with all its family visits and fun decorations, is over already.  I'm taking the next few days this week to enjoy my Christmas decorations at home before I take them down this weekend.

One of my favorite things about New Year's, though, is coming up with New Year's Resolutions.  I've never been one for big, dramatic ones; however, I do like to come up with a lot of little ones.  There's more of a chance I'll keep some of them (and probably more of a chance I'll break some of them) when I have a lengthy list of goals.

My Resolutions for 2013:
1. Drink more water.  Over the last few years, I've cut down my pop consumption to "special occasions"--like out at a restaurant, Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma's or after Sunday brunch at my parents'.  I think this year, I'm going to get rid of it completely and drink more water (or tea, or lactose-free milk).

2. Finish organizing the house!  When we moved in last April, I wanted to organize everything perfectly as we unpacked.  This made unpacking take until halfway through July, and by then, it was "I cannot live with these boxes anymore!  I just need to find a place to put this!" Fast forward six months, and our closets are hot messes and I still can't find my winter mittens.  We'll ignore the fact that my winter clothes are still sitting in a plastic tote beside my side of the bed and my summer tank tops are still hanging in my closet.

3. Stop saving drafts for the blog to "add pictures to later," and just click publish.  After I add pictures to the five or six that are waiting, of course.  Also, give this blog a better look.

4. Tone my arms.  Although everyone else would insist my arms are not flabby, they feel flabby to me and they do not look as nice as they did when we got married.  If I'm going to be wearing my hot girl bridesmaids dress at Ashley's wedding in April, I need to get on that.  Then, by extension, I won't feel ridiculous at the other three weddings I'll be showing off my arms at.
I just know you are jealous of my new footie pajamas I fully intend on wearing well into February.
5. Keep my desk at school tidy.  I rarely sit at my desk at school.  During the day, it turns into a dumping ground. I clean it before I go home, but it's a disaster before the next day is half over.  I think I need to figure out a better organizational strategy than what is going on right now.

6. Go to bed earlier than 11:30 on school nights.  I will accept 11:29, but in bed by 11 would be ideal.  10:30 would be a dream.  Add to that--don't fall asleep on the couch, and don't drink coffee after 5 o'clock.

Anyway.  Happy New Year, all of you!  Here's to the next grand adventure.

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