Monday, November 26, 2012

happy birthday to me!

Once upon a time, Mr. B bought an incredibly (too) large TV for our tiny, tiny apartment.  In order to get me to agree, he gifted me a "Kitty Voucher"--a coupon entitling me to picking out a kitten from a shelter once we moved into a larger house.  For our first anniversary, he gave me a "Pup-grade," allowing me to get a puppy with my voucher if I so chose.

Scooter and Mattie on the ride home from the shelter.

Lucy went home earlier this week, and I have been going through puppy withdrawl. I have likened it to a bad high school break-up. I miss that puppy. When we got word that Mr. B's aunt would be going home and Lucy would be going home, I started looking for a shelter pup to adopt. There are so many shelter pups in the greater area around here... and I am a sucker. Every cute pup I found online, I would read his or her description... and they all had a friend. In fact, I found two separate cute dog listings, and both of them had friends. How lucky was I when I realized that the friend Scooter was talking about was Mattie and the friend Mattie was talking about was Scooter!

For my birthday, we went to pick up these two adorable Shih Tzus. Scooter is seven years old and Mattie is six years old. They're just starting to get adjusted to our house and Mr. B and I, but so far, so good!


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