Thursday, November 29, 2012

christmas time with the beer-nardos

At our house, we are big fans of countdowns of any sort, and especially big fans of Advent calendars.  I always had a tower of Advent boxes growing up that my Grandma loaded up with candy for us to countdown the days until Christmas.  While my Grandma no longer fills up our boxes, I have found other ways to countdown to Christmas, and Mark, of course, has his own special way.

For the past couple Christmas seasons, Mark has been getting his Advent calendar from a friend of a friend, but this year, he was heartbroken to find out that this friend was not going to be putting the calendar together again.  Mark simply could not go without it after having had his Advent calendar for the last two years, so he took it upon himself to make it.

What kind of calendar is it, you ask?  Why, a Beer Calendar, of course.  Mark loves to sit down every evening leading up to Christmas to relax and have a beer.  And this year, he collected a list of twenty three other friends and family members who would enjoy this exact same thing.

Mark and his (way too much) beer
He then went to the beer distributer, bought over $1,000 worth of beer, and recruited me to help him switch them all around.  And after a few nights hard labor, we now have twenty four cases of beer, each with twenty four different bottles of beer in them, waiting to be delivered to our eager friends and relatives (and gotten out of our living room).
my fancy numbers on the caps

Mark's blogging about each beer at his new fancy blog The Beer-nardo Blog.

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