Saturday, October 6, 2012

some progress.

After working every evening this past week on different things around the house--Mr. B in the "everything" room and I in the kitchen...  we have a little to show for it.  Very little.  But progress is progress.

I concentrated on getting the kitchen organized.  I wish I would have taken pictures before...  it would appear to be a much more miraculous transformation then.  Lesson learned.  Our cabinets around the stove were a hot mess--storage containers just thrown in, spices literally falling out of the cabinet when you open the door, and while sorting everything out, I encounter not one, not two, but three (opened) bags of brown sugar and two (opened) bags of powdered sugar.  I let Mr. B unpack the kitchen when we moved, and trusted his memory when making grocery lists when I went to get ingredients for wedding cookies (lesson learned).

Now, things are a little better.  I got some clear plastic boxes from Dollar Tree and sorted things out--ingredients for cookies, sweets and baked goods in one bin, more savory seasonings and the like into two others.  It is going to be SO much easier to find things now.  Someday, I'll make cute labels to go on the bins, but for now, this will do.  I cleaned out one of my favorite pots that I thought Mr. B had ruined burning homemade barbecue sauce--I boiled white vinegar in it for a really long time, and added some baking soda for the extra bubbles.  The house smelled like Easter eggs for a bit, but once I scrubbed the floors and the top of the fridge, it smelled delicious, like lemons and lavender.

Isn't the grey color wonderful?  I love it even more with the second coat.While I was doing that, Mr. B was upstairs working in the everything room.  He finished adding a second coat to the walls, and began sanding down the trim to get it ready for a fresh coat of paint.  But then, he thought wood was splintering off the trim as he sanded.  Luckily, that was not the case--it was just A LOT of old paint.  He also came across some water damage under the paint in the corner near my washer.  So he had to fix that up.  We're waiting for that whole mess to try so he can touch up the wall, and then repaint the trim.  Joe Schmoe (the old owner of our place) was surely a delight.

But!  My dad brought our filing cabinets down from my parents' house.  They're sitting in our dining area right now, waiting until they can be moved upstairs.  Seeing them when I come downstairs in the morning just makes me smile.  The turquoise color is just ridiculous.

I'm working on my holiday planner--I'll post about it soon!

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