Tuesday, October 2, 2012

october = almost christmas. really?!

Oh my stars.  It is October already.  It's hard to believe--I feel like I'm just beginning to feel fully recovered from the insanity that was my August.  It's already been two months since we were in Roanoke for my pseudo-brother's wedding and all the family crazy started (two more weddings, Gram's 75th birthday, my Pap Pap's 90th birthday, my family of Danes coming to visit, hosting two picnics within two weeks at our house, I'm sure there was more, too).  And, I have been at my new school officially for over a month now.  Things should be settling down soon, right?  (Good joke.)

Now that I have settled into a sort of rhythm and routine at school, it's time for me to take a little care of our house.  Things have certainly gotten away from me while I was getting into the school year.  I have piles of scrapbook paper and other school supplies tossed around everywhere.  Goal:  Deep clean the house.

My husband and I bought our first house (a townhouse, really) and moved in at the beginning of April.  It took us until the beginning of July to get settled in--we painted a fresh coat of paint in most of the rooms, unpacked box after box, and bought some new furniture to fill in some of the empty spots.  Now that we've been able to actually live in it for a few months, we're beginning some new projects.

Our first "big" project is our everything room.  Right now, Mr. B's getting ready to paint a second coat of the gorgeous grey we chose.  After that, we will be constructing our new desk.  We sold his old desk on Craigslist and got it moved out last night (and an extra $85 in our pocket)--it was a fairly nice, IKEA corner desk.  Mr. B had owned it before we got married, though...  and it did not function as a shared desk very well.  We repainted some old filing cabinets and bought an IKEA butcher block counter top and will be creating a shared desk area out of that.  I can't wait until it's all ready to go.

While he's doing the painting, I'm doing some reorganizing, deep cleaning and getting a headstart on the holidays.  (Yes.  I told you I am a Christmas Queen.  I already bought a few Christmas presents.  I think about these things in July.) 

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