Thursday, October 25, 2012

mammal strike at the zoo!

My school is awesome--we use an integrated curriculum approach to learning to tie everything together and give the kiddos concrete meaning to the concepts we are studying.  In first grade, this largely looks like our monthly unit and me trying to tie everything to it as best as I can--which sometimes is tough, but most of the time, really fun.

During October, my class has been studying mammals.  We studied the characteristics of mammals, learned about the rule breakers that lay eggs, learned about their different habitats and read SO MANY books about mammals (my class loved Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type). 

More Space to Race!Cut the Vines!
First grade spent most of the month learning about different kinds of sentences--and like most six year olds (and their teacher), they LOVED exclamations!  To get ready for our field trip to the zoo tomorrow, we read Animal Strike at the Zoo.  It's True! and then created strike posters for their favorite mammals.  I was so impressed with the creativity my class showed when we made these today!

I want my mommy!Back to the Wild!
I quit!
After reading the story, as a class, we came up with different slogans that the mammals may want to put on their signs--the only requirement was that they needed to be exclamations.  I wrote all of our ideas on the board, and then set the class free with construction paper and markers to create their own.  I gave them the choice of using one of our slogans or they could create their own.  Check out some of the signs my kiddos made!

This zoo stinks! I'm frooe with the zoo!  We want rootbeer!  More peanuts!  That's it!No more grass, more mud!

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