Friday, October 12, 2012

i take such delight in being organized.

I am loving this "getting ready for Christmas" early thing.  I feel like I am so on top of things--and it's only October!  This week's tasks included:  compile card list, compile a list of people who will be given gifts and putting them all together in my Holiday Planner.

I also may have had too much fun with my photo editor on my phone...I am so proud of my Holiday Planner.   I love having everything organized, and I love having a binder that is specifically dedicated to everything. (Side note:  Did you see last night's episode of 30 Rock?  Liz Lemon is turned on by organization and office supplies.  At one point, Mr. B just glared at me with a stare that was nothing if not accusing me of something.)  It's fairly empty now, but as the holiday season gets closer (and closer, and closer), it will bulk up and I will have everything I need all in one place.

My planner is split into seven sections--October, November, December, Cookie Party, Card List, Gift List and Recipes.  Right now, the October, November, and December sections only have calendars in them. 

The Cookie Party section is for my annual cookie exchange I host.  In this section, I have a page protector for old invitations and a print out with a list of last years invited guests, with those who were able to attend highlighted.  There's room for this year's list...  and next year's...  and even 2014's.  The card list has my complete list of people who will get cards this year, with their addresses.  I am so proud of myself for having this part done and ready right now!

My gift list is what I am particularly proud of right now.  This section starts out with a simple check list of the people we intend to give gifts to so I can check them off after purchasing them.  After that, I created some print outs to organize my thoughts on gift ideas, the working budget for each gift and a checklist for when it is bought, wrapped, packed and given away.  I might have to add to it a "where it is hidden" part, though.  I have this section separated into "Family" and "Friends."

Our work in this house has hit a stand still--Mr. B is still trying to get that wall fixed up.  My dad came down to work with him the other night.  After completing a deep clean of our living room, I have been working on my planner and getting my unit for this month and next month together for school.
I can't wait for this weekend's fun--on Sunday, we're going to Christmas in the Woods in Columbiana, OH.  I am so excited.  I will probably showcase some pictures after the trip.  We also have a furry house guest for at least the next few weeks.  Meet Lucy.

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