Thursday, September 20, 2012

a real teacher.

What am I excited about today?  My new schedule cards!  The first week of school, my first graders started to make me nuts asking me six times a day, "How many things do we have to do before it's time to go home!?"  My solution to that was to start writing the schedule on the board.  My intent all of August was to make some fancy schmancy schedule cards to put into a mini pocket chart (I collect them from Target's dollar bin when they get marked down to $.30), but that never happened.

This week, I thought...  why don't I just make some cards, stick some magnets on the back and put them on the white board?  So in all of the free time I had at home and school, I created these.  I designed them in Publisher Tuesday night, printed them out Wednesday morning, cut them out Wednesday at lunch and laminated them during my prep period.  I may not have accomplished writing many lesson plans yesterday, but these cards are great!

We used them today for the first time--we moved a star post-it down the schedule as we completed things.  The kids LOVED it.  We needed to adjust the schedule some when my computer dropped the network key unexpectedly as I was setting up for math (and therefore, had no access to the video to introduce the new topic or any other online curriculum materials), and all we did was move some cards around on the board.  The class didn't question it the rest of the day because they could see what we were doing so easily.  I loved it--all I had to do to get it ready for tomorrow were some minor changes.

And in other news...  it only took until my second year of teaching, but I was officially given apples by a student.  I guess I'm really a teacher now.

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