Saturday, September 15, 2012

before: my classroom.

I used to teach kindergarten at a small school that took about 1.5 hours to get to during rush hour and worked at a childcare center after school.  (Reading that sentence now, I think "Who on EARTH was that CRAZY PERSON!?") 

This year, I started a new job at a new school--I teach first grade at a small school about fifteen minutes from home.  I received enough of a pay increase that I could take some time away from the childcare (I'll probably go back in the summer), so now I can fully dedicate my time to teaching and not driving or working another job.

The first thing I needed to do was get my classroom ready.  As any teacher can probably tell you, I never feel like my classroom is fully ready.  For now, I want to show you some pictures of what my classroom looked like when I first began to move in. 

I had a lot to adjust to--my old classroom was really two classrooms with a folding divider to split them... but we never opened it.  My room was huge!  Now, my room is much smaller and cozier--perfect for my class of 12 first graders.

The first couple days I was not working my summer job, and therefore, actually able to get to school and work in my room, I was not allowed to be in my room because of the floors.  Instead...  I worked at home on materials, decorations, planning, and preparing various supplies.  Working at home for school always creates a disaster.

Thank goodness school has actually started and I can be in my classroom.  My living room does not look like this anymore.  Check back--I will soon post pictures of my "finished" classroom.

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