Tuesday, September 18, 2012

after: my classroom.

I am a huge fan of my classroom.  I love walking in at seven a.m., ready to start my day.  Of course, there are still some things I would love to change and add to my room, but I've been in this room for less than a month.  It'll all get figured out just in time for me to pack it up for next year in June.  That's how it seems to always go--just the way you like it, and two days later, you have to put it all in the closet until next year.

Anyway.  On to the pictures!  I took these pictures the first week of school, so parts of the room have already changed!

This is the wall immediately inside my door.  The first board is a simple "Welcome!" display, then the smaller one now holds a collection of inspiring pictures, including a (free!) printable from eighteen25 and a photograph of Gabby Douglas in London this past summer.  The last one is the Clip Hall of Fame for our (internet trendy) Clip Chart.  The projects displayed we created the first week of school--they all say something along the lines of "Look Out!  Students at Work!" to warn visitors that we are busy, busy learning.

 And this is the other side of our door.  You can see our clip chart, and the cabinets where we keep most of our materials and centers that are not currently in use.  On the counter, you can see our first grade portfolios waiting to be filled with proud work.  That bulletin board is now our camera board--we put up pictures of us doing activities and the students write captions for them (Note to self...  take picture of that board sometime).

Our word wall, before it had words.  It's a little on the small side.

Our main work display showcase, currently showing off our first day of school self-portraits.  It's awful to say, but my favorites are the one with the orange background on the bottom and the one right above it.  The friend on the orange background looks so excited to be at school, and the one above it has me in it with a very fancy bun on my head.

My Dr. Seuss alphabet has come with me to every classroom I have been in since I finished student teaching.

My reading area that needs some help.  The blue saucer chair was in my bedroom in high school.  My husband and I have the twin in our bedroom right now (Note to self... get a new chair for bedroom now so the other chair can come to school and replace bean bag with holes in it).

Our birthday board.  My favorite part of our room right now.  My husband has gotten me to love penguins almost as much as he does, and for some reason, this summer I decided a "Happy Brrr-thday!" board was what we needed in my room.  Each igloo has a month on it, and the penguins are labeled with names and birthdays.

Our calendar board, homework board, math manipulatives, and honor code.  My desk is to the right of this picture.

Maybe I really like cheesy sayings.  I admit it.  My job chart is Mrs. B's Busy Bees.  The kids love checking to see what their Busy Bee Job is for the week.  With 12 kiddos in my class, everyone has a job every week.  I shift them to the next job each Friday before I go home so they have new jobs on Monday morning.

And that is a rough tour of my classroom.  Thanks for taking a look around.

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  1. Yay for starting a blog!!

    Love that I get to see your classroom in person whenever I want, and love that we are teaching together :)